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Social Media

  • Share our Shelter Posts-  By sharing FB posts on your social media you can help us to get the word out about the wonderful animals we have up for adoption.  The more people who see a post- the more likely we are to find them a home. 

  • Create a Facebook Fund Raiser on Our Behalf


Support our Thrift Store

  • Donate Items to our Thrift Store

  • Shop at Our Thrift Store

  • Volunteer to Work at our Thrift Store


Physically Volunteer

  • Walk Dogs with us to get them use to walking on a leash- Must be done through our volunteer    coordinator

  • Socialize our puppies and dogs 

  • Regular gifts help us sustain our shelter and its employees.



  • Apply to be a foster home for one of our animals


​​Help make a difference and sign up
to volunteer today!
We would love for you to join us and volunteer!  Please fill out the section to the right and we will get in contact with you!​


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