*Please note that adoptable pets are at listed below*

All Adoptions will be Handled on an Appointment only Basis

  • If you are interested in meeting an animal, complete an adoption application under the Documents Tab.

  • Once your application is approved, an adoption counselor will contact you. During this call, you will be asked if you are sick or exhibiting symptoms, among other questions. If you are ill, we will not be able to adopt to you at this time.

    • By accepting your appointment at the shelter, you are stating that you are feeling well and don't have any COVID-19 symptoms like chills, new cough, sore throat, shortness of breath or muscle aches.

    • You have not been knowingly exposed to COVID-19.

    • You agree to social distance (at least 6 feet) when possible while at the shelter.

  • After this call we will schedule an in-person meet and greet with that pet. Please note that a submitted application does not place that pet on hold for you or guarantee that you will be able to meet that pet.

  • For everyone’s safety, we ask that all family members wear a mask or face covering.

  • Each appointment is limited to one hour and meet and greets for dogs are done in an outside play area, weather permitting.

  • We will process adoption fees and paperwork as normal. Animals that are already spayed/neutered may be available to go home the same day.

  • Please make sure to bring a cat carrier if you’re adopting a cat or a leash and collar if adopting a dog.


As the global situation changes daily, we will continue to provide updates on our website and social media channels as they occur. Our updated procedures are designed for the safety of our staff, volunteers, visitors, and the animals in our care.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this challenging time.

Marco (Male)
Marco is golden lab about 1 1/2 years old. He is a gentle and sweet loving boy. He would love to be part of a family!
Skippy (Male)
When Skippy was found he had a severe case of neglect and malnutrition. Our shelter has nursed him back to health.
Skippy deserves a wonderful home with people who will love him and take care of him. He is such a happy goofy dog in spite of all he has been through.
Bevise (Male)
He is very loving and playful. We have had him since Sept of 2019. He walks well on a leash. He need to be an only dog.
Pete (Male)
Pete has been with us since May of 2019. He is about 2-3 years old now. He is timid at first but warms up. He needs to be an only dog because he wants to protect his owner. He would be great if you wanted to have dog who would watch over you.
Buck (Male)
Buck has been with us since Sept of 2020. He is good old boy that loves attention. He walks well on a leash.
Ike (Male)
Ike is a real sweetie. He loves to play and to attention! He wants to be a close as he can to his person. He gets along well with other dogs and walks well on a leash. He is around 2 years old we think.
Ritz (male)
Ritz is a recent owner surrender. He is scared at first but warms up and really enjoys getting attention. Should be an only dog. He is a Jack Russel- Rate Terrier mix.
Gary (Male)
Gary is a cutie with a playful, energetic personality. He gets along well with other dogs and is such a happy dog!
Clyde (Male)
Clyde is a beautiful dog. He is gentle and calm and even a little shy. He is super sweet and loves attention. He is about 8 months old.
Remington (Male)
This handsome black lab is about 4 years old. He is loving and playful. he gets along well with other dogs and walks well on a leash. Very good natured and smart.
Cooper (male)
Cooper came to us Sept of 2020. He is duper sweet and a very good boy. He like other dogs and walks well on a leash. He is about a year old.
Jake (Male)
Jake has been with us since June of 2020. He was picked up as a stray. He is a happy, loving dog and gets along well with everyone. He walks well on a leash and would like to walk straight to your house!
Tina (female)
Tina is a small lab mix that came in as a stray. She is good with other dogs and walks well on a leash. She has a soft coat and a sweet personality. She is searching to find her forever home.
Rambo (Male)
Rambo our cuddle bear was found as a stray 12-31-2020. He walks well on a leash and loves getting attention. He also gets along well with other dogs.
Millie (female)
This sweet little gal came in Feb 17, 2021 as a stray. She gets along with other dogs and cats here at the shelter. We think she is about 2 years old. She is a great combination of playful and loving!
Hank (Male)
Hank is beautiful sweet friendly and calm Bloodhound around 2 years old. He would make a great family pet!
Nancy (Female)
Nancy is lively Bloodhound puppy about 2-3 months. She would love to grow up in a home and not at the shelter.
Henry (Male)
Henry is about a 2 year old male Bloodhound. If you the Beverly Hillbillies i think his great Grandpa was a star on the show! Sweet and lovable!
This sweet old girl must have gotten separated from her family and she ended up in our shelter.
She would love to cuddle up in a home of her own again. Good with other dogs and all people and cats!
Hi I'm Elliot!
I am a cute little guy about 30lb. I am joyous and sweet. I would love a family that I could love and that would love me!
Beverly (Female)
Hi I'm Beverly!
I am every bit as sweet and beautiful as my picture would make you believe. The only I am missing is a family. Please come meet me!
Nola (female)
Hi I'm Nola!
I'm about 10 weeks old and am the sweetest little thing. I would love to find my humane so I can cuddle up in their arms and give them puppy kiises!
Simon (Male)
Hi I'm Simon!
I am full of energy and fun! I'm about 10 weeks old. I would love to someone to play with me! Please consider me!
Kerry (female)
Hi I'm Kerry! I am about 8 weeks old and am probably a Great Pyrenees mix. I will be a big girl and will love being a family pet.
Rhonda (Female)
Hi I'm Rhonda and I need a home! I am a husky mix about 8 weeks old. I will make a wonderful family pet. Please don't let me grow up here at the shelter. I need my own home!
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Zara (Female)
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Myka headshot

I am Myka. I am about four years old. I was found roaming the town July 2, 202. I was someone's pet and may have ran off from the sound of fireworks. I am very handsome. I am super friendly and I get along with other dogs and I love people! I get along with everybody!!! I am heartworm positive and will have treatment here or you can adopt me and I can have the treatment with you!